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Cathryn is the first therapist trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy in Louisiana. ART is an evidence based technique that combines the back and forth eye movements similar to REM sleep with guided imagery and visualisation. This powerful combination allows clients to "keep the memory and lose the pain" of traumatic events. It has been used so successfully in treating Veterans that a grant of 2.1 million dollars was given to the University of South Florida College of Behavioral Health in 2016 for use in training military mental health professionals in ART. It is currently in use at Ft. Hood, Walter Reed Medical Center and Ft. Meier. It is a short-term solution focused therapy that can help you move forward in very few sessions.

ART is also incredibly effective at treating anxiety, depression, job stress, phobias, and many other issues. Another benefit of ART is that clients are not required to disclose any information they are not comfortable discussing. What is revealed to the clinician is entirely up to the client and a successful treatment outcome is in no way compromised.  

ART is also a great technique for adding positive change to your life as well as ridding yourself of negative memories, images and thoughts. 

More recently Cathryn has trained in The Emotional Freedom Technique, more conventionally known as tapping. Another evidence-based, body-conscious protocol for relieving trauma, anxiety and depression, EFT uses accupressure points to de-escalate heightened emotions and allows us to break the connection between traumatic events, troubling images and experiences and the negative body sensations and emotions associated with them. 

 I want to give you the tools to move forward in your life in the shortest time possible. All my work is solution-focused. Short-term therapy is a speciality and a goal. You have the tools to heal yourself, I want to help you take hold of them.

To learn more information, contact Exuberance NOLA at or with the form provided on the contact page.

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