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Learn to Live Exuberantly

Exuberance: the quality or state of being very lively, happy or energetic: filled with enthusiasm; joyously unrestrained and enthusiastic.

An individual's path to true happiness begins with self-awareness. Learn how to identify the things that stop you from living your best possible life. Shed anxiety and depression and move forward to the life you really want to lead. Learn how to open yourself to a full universe of possibilities. 

Framed within a mindful practice, I utilize the body conscious modalities of Accelerated Resolution Therapy and The Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) to help release trauma, anxiety and any other blocks to your most exuberant self. I will help you envision the life you want to lead and then help you identify the steps necessary to move forward. Greater self-awareness helps us to see where it is that we are working against ourselves unconsciously. I will help you learn how to get out of your own way and live a life you can be exuberant about.  

Cathryn Abbott Jones is a licensed clinical social worker who can help you unblock yourself and achieve your dreams, whatever they may be. Cathryn calls this living exuberantly. If you would like to lead a more exuberant life, please contact her at

Your path to true happiness begins and ends with you. Let's start getting you there today!

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